Campground Rules

Steele Creek Park & Family Campground Rules

Rules & Regulations 2020

1. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
2. Quiet hours start at 11:00 PM
3. NEW Please deposit bagged trash (household trash ONLY!) in the closest available dumpster to your campsite. Please keep doors closed on dumpsters so to keep animals out and also help control odors.
4. Check-OUT time is 12:00 PM    Check-IN time is 2:00 PM
5. No more than (2) vehicles are allowed per campsite.
6. NO FIREWORKS of any kind are allowed in the Park.
7. Please help us keep our natural surroundings intact and beautiful. Rocks should never be removed from the creek or from the creek bank for any reason. Dams should not be built as this pushes the water toward the creek bank thus causing erosion.
8. Please notice all sites do not have fire rings. Campfires can be in existing rings ONLY! You may use a fire ring on legs. DO NOT build new rings or move existing fire rings!
9. Bicycles are permitted as long as rules are followed…
 – Bike helmets are not required but highly recommended.
 – All traffic signs apply to all riders. 5 MPH
 – NO riding after dark.
 – Small children should always be accompanied by an adult.
 – Wreckless behavior could result in loss of biking privileges during your visit.
10. Nightly guests are not allowed to have Golf carts or 2-wheeled electric scooters. Seasonal and Monthly guests may have the use of Golf Carts with proof of insurance and campsite # displayed. Rules for use will be strictly enforced and all traffic rules apply.

Park Management has the right to terminate, upon just cause, any occupancy at any time with no refund. Noncompliance with the Campground rules will be considered just cause to terminate occupancy.

We welcome pets and our wish is for them to have a safe and happy stay at Steel Creek Park! To be able to accomplish this we maintain standards and rules for pets in the park. Pets must be maintained on a short leash (6 feet maximum length) by owner or a responsible person at ALL times. Pets are not to be tied outside of camper/tent and left unattended at any time. Owners are responsible for picking up pet waste immediately. Good behavior is required of all dogs and owners. Please be aware that barking dogs are a nuisance to other camping guests so if this be the case please make other arrangements for your furry friend. We do not allow pets in the picnic or swimming areas. Aggressive behavior from the pet or noncompliance with these rules will result in owner removing pet from campground premise immediately. Breeds not allowed in Steel Creek Park due to potential aggressive behavior: Pit Bulls * Rottweilers * Dobermans* Chows


All swimming areas in the creek and pool have NO LIFEGUARD and are for use at your own risk. The swimming pool is for campers only (please know your campsite number) and posted rules apply. No children under the age of 13 should ever be at the water without an adult (18 or over). No one should ever swim alone. No rock throwing and do not remove the rocks from the creek for any reason. Pets are not allowed on the beach or in the picnic area.


Fishing is allowed below the main concrete bridge and above the rocks upstream of the swimming area. The only area fishing is not allowed is the swimming area. License information here: